Disney Princess Hobbies

I decided to make a collage of the Disney Princess’s and their hobbies. I know a few are missing. If you have any ideas as to the hobbies of the missing ladies, please let me know.


OUAT - Dream Cast of Missing Characters

I was looking through Disney movies and noticed some characters that haven’t been introduced in Once Upon a Time as of yet, so I decided to make my own dream cast of missing characters. Here are a few. I will add more later.


Disney Trivia #004


Disney Trivia #003


Disney Trivia #002



Disney Trivia #001



5 More Fairy Tales for Disney

Let’s just keep picking Fairy Tales that could possibly become a Disney movie.

1. Felicia and the Pot of Pinks - This is a French fairy tale. We already have French Princesses, but you can’t deny the French fairy tales. I would like to have Eva Green provide the voice for this princess.image

2. The She-Bear - This fairy tale brings us an Italian Princess. I believe Rachel Bilsonwould bring this character to life beautifully.image

3. Maria of the Forest - A Portuguese fairy tale, which would introduce the first Portuguese Princess. Even though she isn’t of Portuguese decent, I think Jessica Simpson's soft voice and beautiful singing will be good for this princess.image

4. Cunning Ileane - This shows a Romanian Princess. Just to add to her many Princess roles (Ella Enchanted & Princess Diaries) let’s have Anne Hathaway's beautiful singing voice shine through once more.image

5. Tears of Pearls - I enjoy this English fairy tale. It shows that you shouldn’t lie. I love Emma Rigby's voice, and she was already a queen (Once Upon a Time), so why not let her be an English Princess?image


4 More Fairy Tales for Disney

I’ve found 4 more Fairy Tales that would be interesting to see, and I have created the princess and people I would enjoy in the role of the voice actors.

1. The Gypsy Queen - This is a Mexican fairy tale, which would give us our first Hispanic Princess. I would like Francia Raisa to be the voice actor.

2. Three Ravens - An English fairy tale about a woman doing what she must to save her 3 brothers. Since Aurora is a blonde English Princess, I went with a brunette one. Who better for this role than Emma Watson?

3. The Story of Persephone - There are so many Greek myth’s to choose from and we’ve already seen Hercules, so why not? Besides, Megara isn’t technically considered a Greek Princess to Disney even though in mythology she is. I would like Hilary Duff to be the voice actor for this one.

4. The Ugly Princess - This Spanish tale, if followed correctly, would give us a blind prince and a not so attractive Spanish Princess. My interpretation of this princess if much more attractive than the princess should be, but there is only so much you can do with a doll maker. I would like for her to be voiced by Vanessa Hudgens.

Since all these princess seem to have brown hair (of different tones), perhaps my next princess should have varying tones of red or blonde. I’ll look into that. I hope you enjoy my princesses.


Voice Actors for the Fore-Mentioned Princesses

Previously, I mentioned the fairy tales I believe could make good Disney movies. Then I even designed the princesses and posted the picture. But what is a Disney princess without a voice actor? Here is the list of who I think would make the princesses I continue to expand upon come to life.

The Princess and the Pea - A Swedish Princess - Voiced by Malin Akerman

The Princess Who Never Smiled - A Russian Princess - Voiced by Olesya Rulin

The Glass Mountain - A Polish Princess - Voiced by Alexis Dziena

The Egg-born Princess - A Estonian Princess - Voiced by Mena Suvari

Of the Pretty Girl and Seven Jealous Women  - A Nigerian Princess - Voiced by Raven

The Story of Princess Hase - A Japanese Princess - Voiced by Yuna Ito

*Like Mulan’s voice actor matched her heritage, I think it would be nice to keep this going, even though not all will follow this want. I do have other princesses and fairy tales in mind which I will reveal at a later time, but for now I’m trying to complete these 6 fairy tales.


Possible Future Disney Princesses

So, I wanted to see how the prospective princesses that I mentioned in my previous post would look like. Take a look…